SuperBlue Stuff OTC

Super Blue Stuff OTC

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Fast acting SuperBlue Stuff OTC provides topical pain relief for minor joint & muscle pain associated with arthritis, simple backache, strains, bruises or sprains. Why suffer pain and discomfort? Purchase SuperBlue Stuff today for pain relief in minutes!

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What Is Emu Oil?

Emu oil is a natural pain relieving, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing oil. The product is obtained from the fat of Emu birds, which are indigenous to Australia. Australian Aborigines have used emu oil for minor aches and pains, to heal wounds, and protect their skin for centuries.

Emu Oil deeply penetrates all five epidermis layers of the skin providing nutrients like - essential fatty acids (EFA), Omega-3, & Omega-6. These nutrients give Emu Oil its moisturizing, pain relieving, & anti-inflammatory capabilities.

Burns: Emu oil has been found to be very effective on burns of all types including sunburn, 1st and 2nd degree burns, and radiation burns. It alleviates pain and dramatically reduces scarring and blistering.

Psoriasis and Eczema: Emu oil acts like a therapeutic balm by moisturizing the skin and reducing the itching, redness, and scaling associated with many stubborn skin conditions.

Arthritis: Emu oil comforts stiff muscles and joints, and reduces the inflammation and swelling of arthritic joints. When used regularly, it acts much like an analgesic without any negative side effects.

Sports Injuries: Muscle strains, sprains, injuries ligaments and even heel spurs that are experienced by athletes and other sports enthusiasts are responding well to treatment with emu oil resulting in 50% faster healing. Many professional sports teams are now using emu oil for massages in their training rooms.

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The Benefits of Emu Oil

EMU OIL: A Medicine Chest in a Bottle

Emu Oil:  'The Best Pain Reliever In History

Emu Oil is highly penetrating and is wonderful for everything from arthritis pain to elderly skin. It works like magic for cuts, bruises, sunburn, insects bites and SO MUCH MORE!

Emu Oil is completely different than anything you've ever used! YOUNGER - SOFTER SKIN!

The Benefits of Emu Oil

Emu oil's pain relieving power helps soothe and comfort many common ailments like:

  • Arthritis Pain
  • Insect Stings & Bites
  • Sunburns
  • Relief From Muscle Cramps
  • Chapped Lips

Plus EMU OIL can do a whole lot more! See What EMU OIL can do at 50 BENEFITS.

SuperWhite Stuff OTC

SuperWhite Stuff OTC

Super White Stuff OTC offers a creamy white, lightweight cream with a light menthol frangrance that leaves no residue or sticky feeling on the skin when used. It contains the powerful pain fighting ingredient of pure emu oil and consists of all natural ingredients without the use of dyes and chemical preservatives.