Blemish Control & Redness & Blemish Control: What Makes Them Different?

Display of Blemish Control Jars
Display of Redness and Blemish Control Jars

Unlike prescription medications, Blemish Control and Redness & Blemish Control are made with 100% natural ingredients. They penetrate deep beneath the skin’s surface and works with your own immune system to rid your skin of the bacteria that ultimately becomes a blemish.  Unlike using traditional treatments that give you temporary results, Blemish Control will clear your skin and keep it clear with daily maintenance.

Since 100% of the ingredients in Blemish Control are active you need only a small amount to do the job.  Some people will need to use the cream only twice a week to maintain their skin after the first week of treatment.  The results may vary from one skin type to another.  We have found that most people experience clearing in about a week, some may take two to three weeks.

Another interesting fact about Blemish Control is how it is made.  Unlike commercial skin preparations sold over the counter, Blemish Control is made fresh in very small batches.  The ingredients used are of the highest quality available worldwide.  The 2 doctors, who formulated this product, hold several patents on skincare formulas that are used successfully worldwide to treat very difficult skin ailments.  Their patented process makes it possible to blend the skin-healing effects of Zinc Oxide with the transdermal effects of emu oil.  This union makes the most unique, exciting acne formulation on the market today.

Made with 100% natural ingredients. Blemish Control and Redness & Blemish Control penetrate deep beneath

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