Peach Facial Moisturizer

Peach Facial Moisturizer

Peach Facial Moisturizer contains four nourishing oils: Jojoba, Emu, Safflower and Vitamin E. Combined with Whole leaf Aloe Vera it provides soft, supple skin and helps heal scars, burns and damaged skin.

Apply a thin layer to your face and throat. Allow to absorb fully before applying makeup.

Best when used with Firming Lift Eye Cream. Apply sparingly.

Firming Lift Eye Cream

Firming Lift Eye Cream

Firming Lift Cream firms the skin of the face and throat and above & below the eyes. It is 100% natural and works well with the Peace Facial Moisturizer.

A little bit goes a long way so apply sparingly.

No fragrance.

Emile Cleansing Bar with Emu Oil

Emile Cleansing Bar

This gentle glycerin based soap with emu oil and vitamin E is our choice for the kitchen, workroom, barn, and bathroom – wherever busy people wash and want to protect their skin from drying & chapping.

100% all natural.


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Display of Blemish Control Jars

Blemish Control - Acne

Contains all natural ingredients.

Blemish Control clears your skin and keeps it clear with daily maintenance.

Notice a difference in 7-10 days.

Display of Redness and Blemish Control Jars

Redness & Blemish Control

Formulated for dealing with “Rosacea”, other skin blemishes and acne.

Redness & Blemish Control combines the healing effects of Zinc Oxide with the transdermal effects of the finest pure emu oil.

Lip Balm

With 100% emu oil.

Softens and replenishes moisture to dry, parched or chapped lips. The Essential Fatty Acids penetrate, protect, and rejuvenate.

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