Pain Relief

Emu Oil in a 4ounce and a 2 ounce bottle

Pure Refined Emu Oil

“A little drop is all it takes!”

Emu Oil is used by cosmetic and healthcare practitioners, fire departments and many professional sports teams including the Green Bay Packers and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Highest grade of oil — No Smell & No Taste.

SALE: 2 oz. bottle for $16.95 (from $20).

SuperBlue Stuff open container

SuperBlue Stuff OTC

Use SuperBlue Stuff OTC, a topical pain relief cream, for temporary relief of minor aches and pains associated with arthritis, simple backache, strains, bruises or sprains.

SuperBlue Stuff OTC is fast-acting, contains natural ingredients, and is gentle enough to be used by persons of all ages.

Smells like peaches and is a washable blue color.

On sale for $22.95 (from $24.95).

SuperBlue Stuff in a 12 oz pump

SuperBlue Stuff Pump

Same formula; different container & size.

Do you find yourself reaching for SuperBlue Stuff to ease backaches, muscle strains, bruises, sprains, and the pains of arthritis?

Do you always seem to be running out when you need it most?

Try our 12 oz Pump. Always handy and convenient.



SuperBlue Stuff in a roll-on container

SuperBlue Stuff Roll-On

All the Healing Power of SuperBlue Stuff in a convenient, easy-to carry container.

Great for throwing in a Gym Bag or Purse to use “Any Time, Any Place”.

SuperWhite Stuff in a jar

SuperWhite Stuff

The pain reducing benefits of SuperBlue Stuff without the added dyes & fragrance – great for sensitive skin!

SuperWhite Stuff’s fast-acting pain relief ingredients lessen general discomfort in minutes.

SuperWhite in a roll-on container

SuperWhite Stuff Roll-On

On-the-Go pain relief.

Our Super White Stuff Roll-On container fits perfectly into most handbags, totes, and duffle bags so you can have pain relief at your finger tips.

Anytime – Any Place!

Cool Menthol Therapy

Cool Menthol Therapy

Cool Menthol Therapy has almost double the level of menthol found in Super Blue Stuff

Cool Menthol Therapy delivers a powerful pain relief on its own or can be used with Super Blue or Super White Stuff

Arnica Cream

Arnica Cream

Arnica Cream Booster provides additional pain relief for those days that nothing seems to will work.

Simply apply Super Blue or Super White Stuff OTC first then add the Arnica Boost and your pain is gone.


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